Saturday, June 04, 2005

Knitting Away

This weekend I'm taking a break from my art business and I've been relaxing. I start a new 40 hour a week job on Monday and this is really the only time I've given myself time off.

The last two months I've spent most days working on my art business and going to interviews.

So I stopped by Hill Country Weavers ( to pick up some circular needles and some yarn. It was so hard to decided on the yarn. But I bought a skien of blue varigated worsted weight yarn. I'm knitting a hat out of it on the circular needles.

I saw Karli while I was at the store. She is the woman who taught the Knitting 101 class I took last month. She is an awesome instructor. So patient and always willing to show you over and over again the basics of knitting. I highly recommend her!!

So far I've knitted 4 scarfs and a hat since taking the class. I've also started another scarft today (because you know I can never stay focused on one thing for too long) with yarn I bought at the store that starts with a "W" but will not be named! (their evil you know... but damn they have low prices and are now the closest grocery and craft store to my house!!!).

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