Sunday, January 22, 2006

KNC Difficulties

Aaaaaaaarrrrrr! I've been trying for the last day to get my Knitting News Cast podcast recorded. I started yesterday afternoon because I knew I was going to my MIL's to teach her knitting today at noon. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get it finished this morning and posted.

Well, first Audacity on my laptop started acting crazy, making the recording sound like it was dragging. So I copied the file and put it on Amy's computer. Then my headphone and microphone wouldn't work so I had to use a different set that make a buzzing sound on the recording.

Then Audacity started acting crazy on Amy's computer. We thought maybe the Audacity file was corrupt. So this afternoon after showing Fay how to knit and having lunch, I came home to try to record the show from scratch using a new file in audacity.

Now my microphone won't work on my laptop. So I'm not destined to release episode 5 today and I'm really bummed and frustrated. I want to be dependable and regular with my podcast so my listeners know when to expect the next podcast.

Looks like I need to get some more memory, a new sound card, and a new mic for my computer. I'll do that this week and try recording the podcast again by next Sunday.

Well, at least I got some knitting done today while we were over at Fay's. I'm working on a cute baby blanket that was on an episode of Knitty Gritty a couple of weeks ago. It is for Andy's and Kelly's baby. The baby shower is February 25th so I need to get it done by then!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Knitting Podcast Round Table

Just got off the phone with Marie Irshad of KnitCast and Brenda Dayne of Cast-On. Marie is celebrating her one year of podcasting with an anniversary podcast with other knitting podcasters.

It was a lot of fun but I was disappointed that my phone kept cutting out and at one time disconnected! How embarrising!

Hopefully, Marie will be able to edit all of that out or not, depending on how she wants the podcast to sound.

I think the podcast will be coming out sometime in February. I'll post with the details when I find out.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ouch! Being In the Public Eye Sometimes Hurt

Got a negative review on my Knitting News Cast podcast. Apparently, Faith and Sarah at The Needle and The Damage Done blog at hate my podcast.

I'm Faith's least favorite knitting podcast and Sarah said she couldn't even listen to the whole thing. Ouch!

Faith also didn't like the book reviews I was doing, saying I didn't have enough info, but I think she was confusing the segment about upcoming books which I haven't even seen yet except on Amazon. I just want to give knitters a heads up on books that are coming out soon. I think the actual book review portion has enough information. I actually own those books that I review and so can tell a lot more about them.

I'm trying not to take it personally and take the feedback as ways to improve future podcasts. I'm even thinking of taking a voice or broadcasting class to help improve my presentation so I don't sound so dry. And my brother has agreed to let me use some music he and a friend recorded in the mid-90's in his band MayanBike for the intro and through out the podcast. I love his album (of course I'm bias!) and know just which songs I want to use! Maybe that will livens up the podcast a little!

Hopefully, I'll get better with each podcast. I enjoy doing them and I've gotten some positive feedback and constructive criticism from people both through e-mail and on the Knitting News Cast website. So not everyone hates the podcast!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Knitting News Cast's 4th Episode

I've been having a lot of fun doing the Knitting News Cast podcasts available at

I produced the 4th episode yesterday. I'm still waiting on my brother to produce some music for the intro and wrap up sections of the podcast. I did "borrow" some music he produced with his bank MayanBike from the 90's for my Mystery Shopping podcast ( So I might do that for my next episodes until he gets me something new.

The fourth episode is on felting and has reviews of a 2006 Knitting calendar, a couple of online knitting magazines, and a call for submissions from Debbie Stoller who is the author of Stitch and Bitch.

The 4th episode of the Knitting News Cast is available at:

I'm also enjoying the comments and e-mail I'm getting from my listeners. It is great to hear that people are downloading my show and enjoying it.

The next episode should be available on January 22, 2006. I'm alternating Sunday publication with my mystery shopping podcast which will be produced every other Sunday too.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yarn For Tubey Knit Along

I've joined a Knit Along for the Tubey sweater from the latest issue of at

The yarn is Andean Silk from Knit Picks. I have
Pitch, Pool, Chocolate, Sangria, and Holleyberry. I couldn't decided between the Yarrow or Mustard. The original pattern uses Debbie Cashmerino Aran which is more expensive. The Yarrow or Mustard is to replace Pea Green. I think the Yarrow brings the brightness that the Pea Green does in the original but I also like the Mustard.

Knit Picks Yarn for Tubey with Yarrow:

Knit Picks Yarn for Tubey with Mustard:

The original pattern has two stripes of color about half way up each sleeve but I'm not confident that I get both to line up on each side since the sleeves are knitted all in one piece like a shrug. The body is then picked up from the middle of the long tube which is open in the center.

So I'm thinking that I'll do the stripes at the edge of the sleeves instead.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Episode 3 Of The Knitting News Cast

I've posted the 3rd episode of the Knitting News Cast at:

In this episode of the Knitting News Cast I talk about the Purl Stitch. I’ll also
review the AIA Knitting website, Encyclopedia of Knitting by Donna Kooler, Cascade 220, Booga Bag pattern, And a whole lot more!!