Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Second Episode of Knitting News Cast Available

I recorded and uploaded the second episode of Knitting News Cast on the Knit Stitch on Sunday.

Knitting News Cast - Episode Two - The Knit Stitch

It took much longer to record this episode then the first one. I typed out everything I wanted to say for this episode so it sounds less loose then the first one. Next episode I'll just have talking point like the first one and it should sound less stilted.

Also, Brian has agreed to come up with some kind of intro music that I can use at the beginning and end of the podcast. He is also going to come up with some transition music I can use between segments of the show. Thanks little bro!

I finished Amy's felted journal bag today. Had to really steam iron it to get all the bumps out of it. Then I sewed on the closure I found at JoAnn's. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I was worried at first. But I think she will like it. It is purple (her favorite color) after all!!

Felted Journal Bag in two colors of purple Cascade 220

Front Flap of Felted Journal Bag

Closure for Felted Journal Bag

Friday, December 16, 2005

Response To Podcast

Wow! I've been getting a great response to my podcast. I've already had over 20 downloads and one person has signed up on the mailing list to be notified of new podcasts.

Too cool!

I also got an e-mail from a report from the local weekly independent newspaper, The Austin Chronicle, about a write up in her column. Unfortunately, the column is about TV and she must have thought it was a video podcast, so she may mention or not.

I hope to do the next episode on Sunday. I've already written up some show notes. The theme is going to be on the Knit stitch.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My New Knitting Podcast

I've started a knitting podcast. You can read all about it and hear the first episode at:

Knitting News Cast -

I'll be covering the latest knitting news along with reviews of knitting websites, books, patterns, yarns, stitches, and more!

Check it out!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gifts Given

This evening I gave four of my scarfs away to some of my friends. Carol, Evelyn, Donna, Valerie, and I met for dinner at Magnolia's and exchanged gifts.

Every seemed to really like their scarfs. Everyone thought they were beautiful and very soft.

Donna gave me a lovely silver wire bracelet with green beads at the clasp that one of her friends made.

Valerie gave me a nice smelling Christmas candle and a cute Hello Kitty ornament.

So glad everyone like the scarfs!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

New Knitting Podcast Coming

I've been listing to Knit-Cast and Cast-On podcast plus others and I've been inspired to start my own podcast on knitting.

I'm thinking it will be knitting news related and include pattern of the week, artist of the week, website of the week, yarn of the week, etc. I'll let listeners make suggestions.

Also, I'll include a segment entitled "What's On the Needles" about what I'm currently knitting.

And other knitting madness!!!

Just what I need... Another project!!!

Anyway the site for the podcast will be at:

Knitting News Cast ( hosted by Rhonda Bell. A weekly commentary on the latest in knitting news. Coming soon!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Strap Saved

I was able to cut the strap apart on the bag I knitted for Amy for Yule. I then used a 3 needle bind-off to knitting it back together. It isn't as nice as I had hoped but I think I was better off doing it before the felting process rather then after.

I felted the bag in a pillow case with towels. Big mistake!!! The pillow case opened and lots of lint from the towels got embedded on the bag. I spent 30 minutes pulling the lint off. Ugh! I got most of it but there is still some that needs to come off.

I've got the bag hiding in my office on the floor behind some boxes under my art table so it can dry. I stuffed it with some plastic bags to give it some shape. The strap kinda rolls in. I did it in stocknette. (Note to self: strap probably should have been done in garter). I'm going to try to steam iron it flat once it is dry.

Overall, I'm pleased with the bag. The two purples I chose worked well together. I think Amy will like it. And she'll be able to hold her knitting or whatever in it.

Works In Progress

I have several projects on needles or stitch holders:

Another Ribbed For Her Pleasure Scarf From Stitch and Bitch but with a Key Hole

A Cardigan I'm Doing In Yarn Bee Luscious Yarn (yes it is fun fur but I like it!!)

I've started this sock three time. First on DPNS and then on long circulars for magic loop and then back to the DPNS. I hope to get back to these after the holidays. It is self striping yarn from Knit Picks. The color is called Sweet Tart.

A saw a skirt out of this yarn in the latest Vogue Knitting. It is ggh Coco. It takes 10 balls and at $13 a ball that just seemed to high. But I love this yarn and want to make something with it. I bought 2 balls. Looking for just the right thing. Maybe a One Skein Wonder Shrug? I don't want to make another scarf although this yarn would look lovely as a scarf.

Finished Objects

I pulled out all my finished scarfs and hats that I have been working over the last few months for holiday gifts. Funny how some of them that I thought were so great at the time don't seem so now. And damn, I knitted a lot more then I thought.

Let the fashion show begin:

Blue Hat and Scarf With Ribbon Yarn

Brown Varigated Yarn Scarf and Hat. The scarf pattern is Ribbed For Her Pleasure from Stitch and Bitch.

Various Hats (done in the round with circular needles and then DPNs when decreasing at the top)

Blue-Green Boluce Scarf done in Garter Stitch

Pink and Blue Scarf done in Yarn Bee Luscious Yarn

One of My First Knitted Projects - Orange Ribbon Yarn and Eyelash Yarn Scarf

Can The Strap Be Save?

Amy is off to Austin with her folks to deliver some of our extra furniture to her boss who is moving this weekend and needs some furniture. So I can finally pull out her bag again and try to figure out how to save the strap.

I'm thinking I'll try to salvage it before I felt it. I think if I run yarn through two rows that are a couple rows apart and then cut between them, I may be able to do a three needle bindoff. Going to knit up a test swatch and see if I can make this work. Otherwise, I'll go ahead and felt it and cut and sew the strap later.

Oh and my camera is back from the repair shop so I want to take pictures of some of my WIPs and FOs. Will be trying to post those today too.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lining A Felted Bat

Someone posted this link on how to line a felted bag on one of my knitting lists:

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Twisted Strap

Aaaaargh!!!! After spending all afternoon sewing the gusset/strap to the front and back of Amy's bag, I realized that it is very twisted!!!!

But instead of undoing all my sewing I'm going to felt it that way. Once it is felted I'll cut the strap and re-sew it. Drat! I had hoped to avoid having a seam in the strap!!!

Mood: Frustrated!!

Thawing Out

Yeah! The sun came out and the tempature is above freezing at 33 degrees. I went outside and got under the house to check the pipes and I didn't see any cracking or dripping.

And the cold water is now flowing to all the faucets in the house!!! Good thing because tonight it is supposed to be clear and down into the teens.

Have gotten through sewing the back of Amy's bag to the strap/gusset. Listened to all the episode of Cast-on except the Halloween episode. That one is finally downloaded to my computer so I'll be listening to it this afternoon while I finish up the front of Amy's bag and after I do some chores.

Pachelbel and I walked up to the front gate to check the mail and get the community newspaper. I'm hoping to find a knitting group that meets regularly to knit out here in Marble Falls. I enjoy the SNB group in Austin but don't always want to stay so late in town when I have to work the next day. If I can't find one here, I just might start one myself. I'll have to check with the local coffee house to see if we can gather there.

Knitting Podcasts

Amy got me an iPod for Yule and of course since she wanted to start using the Rumba I got for her, she had me open my last night when they arrived from Amazon.

I've been downloading podcasts all morning waiting for the tempature to get above freezing. Right now it is 24 degrees. And I'm not sure if it will get over freezing today.

The cold and hot water to the master bathroom shower isn't flowing and the hot water is only flowing in the extra bath. I'm really hoping we don't get any busted pipes from this! So I'm waiting it out to see.

Anyway, I've been listening to some knitting podcast this morning. They include Knit Cast, which is a podcast about knitting by Marie Irshad. I've also downloaded some episodes from Cast-On and Secret Knitting but haven't listened to them yet.

Now that Amy has gone off to work, I think I'll seam up her bag. That way I can felt it with the Booga Bags for Kelly and for me. I've got the bottom knitted on my bag and will get back to knitting it after I finish Amy's bag's seams.

What could be greater then knitting and listening to knitting podcasts while it is below freezing outside?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stitch and Bitch

Went to the SNB meeting at Book People last night. It made it a late night for with the commute to Marble Falls and all, but it was fun.

I just love seeing what everyone is working on and getting to touch their WIPs and yarn. Such fun!!

I'm finishing up a Booga Bag for my SIL out of Noro color 134. I'm working on the i-cord which seems to be taking as long as the bag to knit up!! Anyway I hope to felt it this weekend along with another bag I've started and a gift for Amy. But Amy's bag needs to be seamed and I can't get to it with her in the house!!! Secret knitting is hard!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Future Projects Wish List

- everyone seems to be making this cool scarf/wrap thingy. I heard an interview with the designer on KnitCast

- someone on LiveJournal Knitting posted a FO of this pattern that was just beautiful. I'd like to make one to learn how to do lace. I'm getting a little bored with stockenette.

Teddy Bear
- isn't this just adorable. I'd love to make a knitted bear from my friends Andy and Kelly's baby girl that is due to be born on April 1st 2006. I have the book, The Knitted Teddy Bear : Make Your Own Heirloom Toys with Dozens of Patterns for Unique Clothing and Accessories, with the pattern on my wish list at Amazon.

Another Cute Bear
- someone on livejournal knitting posted some pictures of their completed bear with a different yarn recommendation. Gee it is going to be hard to pick a bear to knit!!

- another cute bear to make. It is only 7 inches tall and I was hoping to make a larger bear, but I'm sure I could adapt this with either a chunker yarn or changes to the pattern.

Felted Bags
Sophie or Booga Bag
- both these bags are adorable, so I'll probably do both!!

Blue's Hedgehog
- this guy is just too cute and would be a perfect gift for my friend Carol who loves hedgehogs!!

Pom-Pom Dress or
Pink Pullover Sweater
would make a great gift for a baby girl due on April 1, 2006.

Mariah Sweater
- this looks like a really challenging sweater that would be fun to own. Here is a version that someone posted on LiveJournal - really pretty!!

- I really like the construction of this sweater and the fact that it requires no seams is even more appealing!!

Mr Flurry
- this cute snowman would be fun to knit!

I'd also like to try dyeing some yarn with Kool Aid.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Current WIPs

Right now I am working on a V-neck cardigan sweater using Yarn Bee Luscious Yarn. It looks like I'm going to have to frog the first front I knitted back to the armhole shaping because it isn't long enough and doesn't match up with the back of the cardigan that I've already knitted. I got the yarn for this cardigan on sale at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. It's name really describes the way it feels. The color is SugarPlum. It is yummy!!!

I'm also knitting a scarf using Yarn Bee Soft Delight Yarn in Purple. I like to have a simple scarf to knit on that is pretty mindless and doesn't require me to keep checking the pattern like a sweater or cardigan does. This one is K2 P2 ribbing. I love the colors and feel of this yarn. And again it was on sale a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby.

This morning I'm going to start on a pair of socks. I've been putting it off for awhile now because the thought of doing a whole project with double pointed needles is a little intimidating. However, we've just moved back into our house in the country with vinyl floors and it is cold to walk on. I think having some warm wool socks will help. I'm going to use Knit Picks Simple Stripes in Sweet Tarts. I bought the yarn back in August along with Vineyard.

Off to knit!!!


I've just recently started reading posts on the Live Journal Knitting Community and was a little confused by some of the acronmys. I finally figured them out but thought I'd share them here in case others are confused.

WIP - Work In Progress. These are items that you are currently knitting. Many bloggers share pictures of these with the knitting still on the needles. It is fun to see what other knitters are working on and the color choices of yarn they have made and why.

FO - Finished Objects. These are completed knitted items. Usually, the completed item is photographed on the knitter. So it is fun to see the items and the knitter who knitted them. If the knitted item isn't on the knitter, they are usually displayed in many ingenious ways (fences seem to be real popular).

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Photos From The Austin Knit Out

Becky posted photos from yesterday's Knit Out on her website:

There is a picture of Becky and me down towards the bottom of the page. I'm knitting on Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee Luscious in SugarPlum for a V-neck tie closure cardigan I've started.

Vicky also posted pictures. Here is one of me:

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Austin Knit Out

This week has really been a knitting kind of week. First, on Tuesday I went to Stitch And Bitch. Then on Thursday, I went to Vickie Howell's book release party, and today I spent the afternoon at the Austin Knit Out held at Borders. There were a great bunch of women there from the Lone Star State Knitters.

I got a lot done on the back of a cardigan I've started out of Yarn Bee Luscious Yarn in Sugar Plum. I bought it on sale at Hobby Lobby this week.

Anna was kinda enough to figure out the pattern for the cutest baby bib with and elephant on the front of it. The elephant's trunk holds a pacifier. I think I'm going to make one for my friends Andy and Kelly's baby expected in April.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Vickie Howell Book Release Soiree

Just got back from Vickie Howell's book release soiree in West Austin. I got there a little late but was still able to snag a free copy of her book, New Knits On The Block.

She was also giving away gift bags filled with really cool stuff including the latest issue of Voque Knitting which I almost purchased the other night at Book People when I was there for Stitch and Bitch. There is a really cute A-line skirt pattern in there I'd love to make.

I didn't actually get to meet or even see Vickie before I left. But the band that was playing was good. I ran into two women from the Austin Stitch and Bitch group, Becky and Ellen. We talked knitting for a while. And they both admired my cardigan I had knitted. It really wasn't cold enough to wear it, it is pretty thick and heavy, but I figured it was a knitting party so why not?!?

I know it is a lame excuse but I had to leave early to go home to walk the dog. Maybe I'll get to meet Vickie some other time.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I Love Chunky Yarn!!!

I've started working on a cardigan pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd using a super chunky yarn. It is knitting up really, really fast.

It only took two skeins to knit the back. So I think I'll have plenty of yarn since I bought 8 skiens. It is Lion's Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Claret, a really pretty brown/purple color.

I hope to have it done by November 3rd for Vickie Howell's book release party. I'd like to wear something I've knitted to the event and this cardigan will be perfect.

Vickie's new book is New Knits on the Block : A Guide to Knitting What Kids Really Want. It just came out at the beginning of the month.

Vickie put out an invitation to the folks on the Stitch and Bitch Austin Yahoo! Group for the party. I've never meet Vickie before but I've just started watching Knitty Gritty, the knitting show she hosts after reading a post by her on the list and checking out her blog. She has a quirky sense of humor and I really enjoy the show.

It will be nice to help her celebrate her new book and get a chance to meet other Austin knitters. I think I'll bring some knitting with me too. I'm not so great at mingling!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I just finished a knitted hat in Noro Silk Garden yarn using a ribbing stitch. It was knit two, purl two around the whole hat. Easy, and a nice change from stockinette. I got the pattern from Hip to Knit: 18 Contemporary Projects for Today's Knitter.

I love the bright colors and feel of the Noro Silk yarn. I used color 50, Royal, Pink, Aqua. I just wish they sold solid colors of the yarn. I'd love to use just the blues and greens in a tank top. I'm not too thrilled with the brown green or yellows in the yarn though.

I used the left over yarn to make a cozy for our GPS. It was based on a pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch : The Knitter's Handbook.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

SNB Practice Swatch

Here is the Practice Swatch I did this morning from the Stitch and Bitch book.

Continental Purl Ain't So Hard After All

I finally broke down last night and bought Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook. I'd been putting it off because I figured I already owned a couple of basic knitting books, what do I need another one for?!?

Well, I was wrong. Debbie Stroller has a great writing style and I actually teared up (okay I cried!) when I read a couple of her experiences with finally getting how to knit and what knitting meant to her and the women in her family.

And she has great directions and illustrations on how to knit, purl, bind off, cast on, and everything else important to knitting.

And there are several patterns in the book I want to try including the cardigan, cell phone holder, purse, and the baby blanket. Funny thing is, my knitting instructor, Lisa, who taught my sweater class is the designer of the baby blanket!!!

This morning I learned how to continental purl and do the seed/moss stitch. The hard part is going to decide which project with what stitches I want to do next!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sweater Finally Finished!!

I finished my knitting and sewing the seams on my sweater this weekend.

Here is a picture of the completed sweater:

I just need to block the sweater and it will be truely finished. Now I'm ready for my next project!!

I have some sock yarn so will be trying my hand at that next week after I heal from a fall I took this morning walking the dog. I'm okay but I scrapped up my right arm and hand. So it would be difficult to knit. Sigh...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Main Pieces of Sweater Complete!!

I've finished the front, back, and the two sleeves for my sweater. Now I just have to do the collar and seam everything up. Once it is all put together, I'll get a picture posted.

My sweater class ended last week. I don't think anyone actually finished their sweater. But a couple of women were pretty close.

I know the project I picked was pretty ambitious for a first sweater, but I know I'm really going to be pleased with it.

And I can understand now what Lisa meant when she said she only likes to use high quality yarn. I'm going to be wearing this sweater for years to come. I don't want it to look cheap!!!

I can't wait to get it done though. I have other things I want to knit but have been holding off. I have a hat to finish and I ordered some sock yarn form Knit Picks so I can make a couple pairs of socks. I'll need to get some size 3 double pointed knitting needles though. My Denise Knitting Kit only goes down to size 5.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

One Day This Will Be a Sweater!

This week is the fourth week of my knitting sweater class and I'm not even half way done yet. I did finish the back this weekend and start on the front. But I have little faith that I'll have all the pieces done by the last class.

This is one LOOOOOOOONG sweater! It is done in worsted weight yarn on size 8 (US) needles from a Rowan knitting pattern. Next time I'm doing a tank top with chunky yarn!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Knitting Class - Yeah!

I'm on week two of a Sweater Knitting class at Hill Country Weavers.

Last week was a bit hectic. I spent the whole two hours trying out patterns, looking for yarn, doing a guage swatch, finding out the yarn wouldn't work, and starting over again. I went through four patterns before I found one that would worked.

But before I did, I almost gave us thinking it just might not be the right time for me to take a sweater knitting class. Heck, I just learned to knit in May, and every one else is so much better than me, and blah, blah, blah. That is when HP showed me the Rowan pattern and I knew she wanted me to continue to take the class and to stop feeling sorry for myself and being a drama queen!!!

Anyway, the teacher's name is Lisa Mason and she is very patient and knowledgable and fun. I'm learning a lot from her and the other ladies in the class. I am the least experienced knitter in the class though. But that is okay!!! It is fun. The back is almost halfway done.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Knitting Away

This weekend I'm taking a break from my art business and I've been relaxing. I start a new 40 hour a week job on Monday and this is really the only time I've given myself time off.

The last two months I've spent most days working on my art business and going to interviews.

So I stopped by Hill Country Weavers ( to pick up some circular needles and some yarn. It was so hard to decided on the yarn. But I bought a skien of blue varigated worsted weight yarn. I'm knitting a hat out of it on the circular needles.

I saw Karli while I was at the store. She is the woman who taught the Knitting 101 class I took last month. She is an awesome instructor. So patient and always willing to show you over and over again the basics of knitting. I highly recommend her!!

So far I've knitted 4 scarfs and a hat since taking the class. I've also started another scarft today (because you know I can never stay focused on one thing for too long) with yarn I bought at the store that starts with a "W" but will not be named! (their evil you know... but damn they have low prices and are now the closest grocery and craft store to my house!!!).

Friday, May 06, 2005

Hey Mom! Look! I'm Knitting!

I took my first knitting class last night at Hill Country Weavers ( I just knew I'd be the only person in the class who couldn't get it. Mom taught me how to crotchet when I was a kid and I've taught myself more from books. But I could never teach myself knitting.

Last month I went into Hill Country Weavers to buy some yarn to finish a scarf I was crocheting that I started from yarn I bought in Seattle from the Yarn Gallery of Seattle ( Yummy!!! What an awesome selection both stores have!!!

Here is a picture of my knitting for a scarf I'm making for class:

Yes, Mom! I can knit!!!