Sunday, November 27, 2005

Future Projects Wish List

- everyone seems to be making this cool scarf/wrap thingy. I heard an interview with the designer on KnitCast

- someone on LiveJournal Knitting posted a FO of this pattern that was just beautiful. I'd like to make one to learn how to do lace. I'm getting a little bored with stockenette.

Teddy Bear
- isn't this just adorable. I'd love to make a knitted bear from my friends Andy and Kelly's baby girl that is due to be born on April 1st 2006. I have the book, The Knitted Teddy Bear : Make Your Own Heirloom Toys with Dozens of Patterns for Unique Clothing and Accessories, with the pattern on my wish list at Amazon.

Another Cute Bear
- someone on livejournal knitting posted some pictures of their completed bear with a different yarn recommendation. Gee it is going to be hard to pick a bear to knit!!

- another cute bear to make. It is only 7 inches tall and I was hoping to make a larger bear, but I'm sure I could adapt this with either a chunker yarn or changes to the pattern.

Felted Bags
Sophie or Booga Bag
- both these bags are adorable, so I'll probably do both!!

Blue's Hedgehog
- this guy is just too cute and would be a perfect gift for my friend Carol who loves hedgehogs!!

Pom-Pom Dress or
Pink Pullover Sweater
would make a great gift for a baby girl due on April 1, 2006.

Mariah Sweater
- this looks like a really challenging sweater that would be fun to own. Here is a version that someone posted on LiveJournal - really pretty!!

- I really like the construction of this sweater and the fact that it requires no seams is even more appealing!!

Mr Flurry
- this cute snowman would be fun to knit!

I'd also like to try dyeing some yarn with Kool Aid.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Current WIPs

Right now I am working on a V-neck cardigan sweater using Yarn Bee Luscious Yarn. It looks like I'm going to have to frog the first front I knitted back to the armhole shaping because it isn't long enough and doesn't match up with the back of the cardigan that I've already knitted. I got the yarn for this cardigan on sale at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. It's name really describes the way it feels. The color is SugarPlum. It is yummy!!!

I'm also knitting a scarf using Yarn Bee Soft Delight Yarn in Purple. I like to have a simple scarf to knit on that is pretty mindless and doesn't require me to keep checking the pattern like a sweater or cardigan does. This one is K2 P2 ribbing. I love the colors and feel of this yarn. And again it was on sale a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby.

This morning I'm going to start on a pair of socks. I've been putting it off for awhile now because the thought of doing a whole project with double pointed needles is a little intimidating. However, we've just moved back into our house in the country with vinyl floors and it is cold to walk on. I think having some warm wool socks will help. I'm going to use Knit Picks Simple Stripes in Sweet Tarts. I bought the yarn back in August along with Vineyard.

Off to knit!!!


I've just recently started reading posts on the Live Journal Knitting Community and was a little confused by some of the acronmys. I finally figured them out but thought I'd share them here in case others are confused.

WIP - Work In Progress. These are items that you are currently knitting. Many bloggers share pictures of these with the knitting still on the needles. It is fun to see what other knitters are working on and the color choices of yarn they have made and why.

FO - Finished Objects. These are completed knitted items. Usually, the completed item is photographed on the knitter. So it is fun to see the items and the knitter who knitted them. If the knitted item isn't on the knitter, they are usually displayed in many ingenious ways (fences seem to be real popular).

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Photos From The Austin Knit Out

Becky posted photos from yesterday's Knit Out on her website:

There is a picture of Becky and me down towards the bottom of the page. I'm knitting on Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee Luscious in SugarPlum for a V-neck tie closure cardigan I've started.

Vicky also posted pictures. Here is one of me:

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Austin Knit Out

This week has really been a knitting kind of week. First, on Tuesday I went to Stitch And Bitch. Then on Thursday, I went to Vickie Howell's book release party, and today I spent the afternoon at the Austin Knit Out held at Borders. There were a great bunch of women there from the Lone Star State Knitters.

I got a lot done on the back of a cardigan I've started out of Yarn Bee Luscious Yarn in Sugar Plum. I bought it on sale at Hobby Lobby this week.

Anna was kinda enough to figure out the pattern for the cutest baby bib with and elephant on the front of it. The elephant's trunk holds a pacifier. I think I'm going to make one for my friends Andy and Kelly's baby expected in April.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Vickie Howell Book Release Soiree

Just got back from Vickie Howell's book release soiree in West Austin. I got there a little late but was still able to snag a free copy of her book, New Knits On The Block.

She was also giving away gift bags filled with really cool stuff including the latest issue of Voque Knitting which I almost purchased the other night at Book People when I was there for Stitch and Bitch. There is a really cute A-line skirt pattern in there I'd love to make.

I didn't actually get to meet or even see Vickie before I left. But the band that was playing was good. I ran into two women from the Austin Stitch and Bitch group, Becky and Ellen. We talked knitting for a while. And they both admired my cardigan I had knitted. It really wasn't cold enough to wear it, it is pretty thick and heavy, but I figured it was a knitting party so why not?!?

I know it is a lame excuse but I had to leave early to go home to walk the dog. Maybe I'll get to meet Vickie some other time.