Thursday, January 18, 2007

Free Range KAL and Podcast Update

Jane has posted the start of Free Range KAL. She has the schematic and the first part of the pattern to knit including the cast on and needle selection.

I'm already behind because I still haven't gotten my stash out to pick yarns. Damn! So I'm going to do that today after I get done recording my podcast.

'Did I just read that you are recording your podcast?!?' Yes, I know it has been quite a while (August!!!) since I put out a podcast.

But now that I'm not working at an ordinary, boring, office, cube-contained computer programming job anymore (I quit last month to pursue my own stuff including the Knitting News Cast podcast and website plus contract programming) I have time and the energy to get one together.

I know, I know... I've written before that I'm putting out a podcast. But this time it is true... Just give me time to take a shower and get dressed and then off to recording.

I've got a basic outline of show notes written put together. There is plenty of great knitting material out there. So it won't be hard to put it all together.

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