Friday, February 27, 2009

Signs Of Spring

I know that it snowed yesterday but the signs of Spring have already started to appear. The other night a friend exclaimed about it being Spring when she saw some Crocus that was starting to bloom.

And that made me realized that I don't know the flowers here that indicate that Spring is coming. I have a great love for Texas wildflowers and when the Texas Toad Flax would start to bloom in early February, I knew another wonderful season of flowers and Spring were about to begin. I was blessed to have lived among a sea of wildflowers when I lived in Texas and I would often spend hours at the Lady Johnson Wildflower Center looking at and taking pictures the many varieties of flowers there.

Last year I bought a book on Washington wildflowers but I was disappointed to find that many of them don't bloom until late May through August. And of course, they don't bloom here in the middle of Seattle.

I also love other types of flowers like tulips and daffodils. It was my great folly to try to grow them in Texas every year. They might make it a week or two before the heat and lack of water killed them. But I kept trying every year thinking I could keep them alive by paying more attention to the amount of water I gave them. But the Texas sun can be brutal for a fragile flower not accustom to draught.

When I moved to Seattle in late 2007 I planted tulip and daffodil bulbs in my back yard and got to enjoy them the following Spring. And for much longer then a week!

Anyway, there a people who think that Texas wildflowers are weeds. And maybe that is so if you consider non-native flowers and grasses not as weeds. But I think "weeds" are beautiful too. So I'm noticing the "weeds" that are flowering here.

Right now the clover is flowering. Clover is a plant I remember from my youth in New Jersey and Chicago. I loved looking for four leaf ones and was always so excited when I found one. I knew it would bring me good luck. And here in the great Pacific Northwest there is clover. I tried to take a picture with my cell phone. But it didn't turn out. I need to start carrying my regular camera with me on my walks with Pachebel.

But I did get a picture of this flower. I'm not sure what plant it is from.

And here is another picture I took of flowers that were planted by the bus stop at the park down the street:

They may be daffodils but I'm not sure. I think these small flowers that look like daffodils have another name. Looks like I have a great adventure ahead of me learning about the native and non-native flowers that thrive here!

And I think I'm going to buy a bunch of tulips and daffodils for a vase here at home.


Suna said...

I take any sign of spring I can get. Just in the last week it took off here. We are in full plum, redbud, and pollen mode, and the Texas mountain laurels are starting. Can't wait to sit there and smell mine. It's a good thing there are lovely spring flowers everywhere. Once I saw lupins, in Wisconsin. So I was jealous. But, you can't have them all, I guess!

Rhonda said...

Ah, mountain laurels. I love those too!