Friday, April 27, 2007

Charm Necklace

I got some wonderful charms in the mail today from a swap I did with a group I'm in online. Every since I started knitting I haven't spent much time doing other art. This group keeps me into my stamping, paper craft art and sometimes jewelry making.

We each made 16 charms that we then sent to the hostess. She traded out all the charms and I got back 16 different ones. The idea, in theory, is to make a charm bracelet from the charms, but since they are too big to really get all on a bracelet comfortably, I'm going to do something different for each or for a set of each.

This great charm was made by Susan Tidwell who was the hostess of the swap. The other side is just as great but I had beads that went with the blue-green of the "Make Art" side. So I made a necklace.

Really, I am knitting too! In fact, I need to go turn the heel on a sock I'm knitting so that I can take it to a meeting tonight and knit the foot. That way I won't have to think too hard!

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