Friday, April 06, 2007

Seaming and Swatching

That is what I'll be working on today. I enjoy swatching so I'm not going to allow myself to knit swatches until I'm done seaming up my short sleeve top I've knitted.

The knitting has been done for about a week now but I just can't bring myself to sew in the ends and seam the pieces together. I keeping asking myself why I didn't knit the body in the round, then I'd only have the shoulders and sleeves to seam.

Oh well, I worked a 4 day week this week so I have an extra day for the weekend. If I get this done today I'll have a nice looking top to wear to work on Monday!

Pictures to follow.

Oh and have your heard about the Knitting Stamps that are coming out later this year? They look adorable even if they are going to have the new postage rate of 41 cents (ouch!).

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