Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Marble Falls Flooding

We've had over 18 inches of rain in the past 6 hours. The lighting and thunder last night were very scary. It was like trying sleeping in a disco. The flashing of the lightening was non-stop. Several bolts struck close to the house but luckily the house didn't get hit.

One house in Marble Falls wasn't so lucky though. It was hit by lightening and was consumed in fire.

We live out in the country between Marble Falls and Kingsland near Granite Shoals and Highland Haven. They say on the TV that several people had to be rescued from roof tops in Granite Shoals and Kingsland.

We can't get off our property. It is flooded on the road off the property. And all three water crossings that we have to go over in three different ways to get to town have 4 to 6 feets of water.

I have several friends who live on the river/lake in Kingsland. I really hope they are okay.

My work,, is near a major creek in Marble Falls and is possibly could be flooded. My co-worker who lives near there couldn't even go over there to check it out. There are either road barriers or utility polls in the road. It is at avenue N and 2nd street. They showed major flooding near avenue N and 1431 which is up the creek from there.

The pictures are of the alpaca all wet and looking pitiful. I hate that they were out there with all that lightening. But luckily they are okay. Don't know how the cows faired. Several years ago one was hit by lightening and died.

My garden is flooded and the dog's water bowl is completely full and over flowing.

We are expecting more and more rain today and tonight. I'm at home for the duration and I'll be knitting a sock I started the other day. Nothing like knitting at home on a dreary rainy day.


KarenS said...

Hi Rhonda, I thought of you when I read online about the flooding in Marble Falls. I hope that you stay high dry if more rains comes as predicted.

KarenS said...

Obviously, that should be high ~and~ dry :)

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you are ok. I saw Marble Falls on the Weather Channel this morning. I said to my husband I thought one of the podcasters I listen to was from there. So I hopped on the internet to see what was going on. Hope the rain stops and you can get out soon!!


Rhonda said...

Still doing fine today. Thanks for checking up on me. I'm headed into town this morning if I can get past the low water crossings. It is supposed to rain more today so I might not be able to get back home though. I'm prepared and have clothes packed and of course, my knitting!

yarnmaven said...

Thinking about you, Rhonda. KEep to high ground as best you can. My garden looks just like your after the pass-through storm we got yesterday, but we are sitting a bit farther from the river than you. Take care and keep posting.