Saturday, July 07, 2007

Finished Anthropologie-inspired capelet

Pattern:Anthropologie-inspired capelet

Yarn: Lion Brand DK Wool-Ease (2 strands held together)

Gauge: 3 st/ inc

Needles: Size 13
I finished the Anthropologie-inspired capelet that is posted on the Craftsters site. It was a pretty quick knit. I started this last weekend and finished it yesterday.

The inside ribbing folds in some. I tried blocking last night but then read on Craftsters that you can't block acrylic. Some one said they iron acrylic but I haven't had success with that in the past.

I went looking for my grandmother's jewelry box that has some of her old jewelry including some broaches. But I could find the box. But I did find a couple of cuff link and money holder boxes that were my grandfathers. There was a lot of cool ones in there.

So I used a cuff link instead of a broach. This one must have been my dad's though. His name was Ronald. So of course, since my name is Rhonda it is perfect for me too.

And when I wear the shrug with the cuff link I'll be able to smile and think of my dad and how much he meant/means to me.

There were some other great cuff links in the box. I picked out some silver flower shaped ones that I can use with this or another one I knit.

I plan on knitting at least another one. But on the next one, I plan on using worsted weight yarn or something lighter and just adjust the gauge. This one has two strands held together of DK Lion Brand Wool Ease. It will be perfect for winter but not for fall.

I'd like to make a shrug that is kinda lacey that I can wear over tops during the summer. Maybe in a cotton blend yarn.

Now I need to get back to the socks I have on the needles. Plus I have a list of things I want to knit for Xmas. And I'm waiting for yarn from KnitPicks so I can knit the Josephine Top from the Summer 2007 IK.

Oh, and I want to somehow convert this this crotchet top to a knitted one.


Adrienne said...

Very cute! I just found some rowan polar I want to use for this!

Sandra said...

Cute capelet and I *really* like the Knitting News site!

Please check out Fiber Femmes at and our blog at


yarnmaven said...

I did this in Lion Kool Wool, I never thought to double the yarn. duh. Maybe I'll make another one. It's great over a tank at the movies or something when the car is hot but the AC is murder.