Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow, Finished Objects, And Being Published

The weather has been crazy here in Seattle. We had about 3-5 inches of snow at my house on Saturday night. It hasn't gotten above freezing since. I didn't leave the house yesterday because I kept reading about bad roads on the Internet. My street is one big ice rink.

But since I wasn't prepared for the snow or freezing conditions, I didn't have much food in my house. I did learn this morning that depending on the coffee, not having 1/2 and 1/2 isn't a crisis. I drink Cafe Ladro coffee. I love their Fremont roast (and they make a great Latte' if you ever one want one). It wasn't awful, it was pretty good, but I like my 1/2 and 1/2 and food. Did I say I didn't have much food in my house?

So I just ventured out to the grocery store. I made it back safe and sound but had to park on the street now instead of in my garage because it is impossible for me to get up the driveway. Hopefully, I won't get side-swiped or run into by crazies driving down the road. Did I say how icey it is on my road? I think I might have been one of the crazies driving down the road. But I took it nice and slow and didn't run into anything.

Staying home all day yesterday, I was able to get a bit of Xmas knitting done. I finished weaving in the ends of my machine knit wash clothes that I'll be giving with a bar of handmade soap I picked up at Urban Craft Uprising.

I also knitted a Button-Tab Hat for my brother's new girlfriend. I think it is super cute. Hope she likes it.

Now for totally unrelated knitting news, but something I was surprised and excited to see today was a link to a book I helped write 10 years ago when I worked for IBM. I didn't know it had been made available outside of IBM. It is called Data Modeling Techniques For Data Warehousing. I know totally boring! But it is my claim to fame, so I'm going with it. ;)


emicat said...

I'm freezing my butt off over here too, but had to go in to work as the roads on the main arterials were clear.

I'm worried about later on this week though. Be safe and stay warm!

Becky said...

Super cool about the book! I really like that button cap - very cute - I'm sure she'll love it.

Angela said...

Cute Christmas projects and congrats on getting published :) Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame!!!!
How did the x-mas projects go over with the recipients?