Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ouch! Being In the Public Eye Sometimes Hurt

Got a negative review on my Knitting News Cast podcast. Apparently, Faith and Sarah at The Needle and The Damage Done blog at http://flashbangfibers.blogspot.com/2006/01/podcasts-in-review.html hate my podcast.

I'm Faith's least favorite knitting podcast and Sarah said she couldn't even listen to the whole thing. Ouch!

Faith also didn't like the book reviews I was doing, saying I didn't have enough info, but I think she was confusing the segment about upcoming books which I haven't even seen yet except on Amazon. I just want to give knitters a heads up on books that are coming out soon. I think the actual book review portion has enough information. I actually own those books that I review and so can tell a lot more about them.

I'm trying not to take it personally and take the feedback as ways to improve future podcasts. I'm even thinking of taking a voice or broadcasting class to help improve my presentation so I don't sound so dry. And my brother has agreed to let me use some music he and a friend recorded in the mid-90's in his band MayanBike for the intro and through out the podcast. I love his album (of course I'm bias!) and know just which songs I want to use! Maybe that will livens up the podcast a little!

Hopefully, I'll get better with each podcast. I enjoy doing them and I've gotten some positive feedback and constructive criticism from people both through e-mail and on the Knitting News Cast website. So not everyone hates the podcast!!


Faith said...

I must say that you are doing something that most of us aren't motivated to even try, so I applaud you for that. Your shows have been getting better, and I hope that you don't take my criticism of the show as a personal attack. I don't dislike you as a person, I just felt that you could do a whole lot better in your research. Your ideas for the show are great, as I noted -- I guess that's why I was so dissapointed when you didn't seem to follow through. This podcast has the potential to be something really cool.

I'm still subcribing, still listening. =)

Faith said...

Oh! Also, thanks so much for the tips on podcasting. =)