Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yarn For Tubey Knit Along

I've joined a Knit Along for the Tubey sweater from the latest issue of at

The yarn is Andean Silk from Knit Picks. I have
Pitch, Pool, Chocolate, Sangria, and Holleyberry. I couldn't decided between the Yarrow or Mustard. The original pattern uses Debbie Cashmerino Aran which is more expensive. The Yarrow or Mustard is to replace Pea Green. I think the Yarrow brings the brightness that the Pea Green does in the original but I also like the Mustard.

Knit Picks Yarn for Tubey with Yarrow:

Knit Picks Yarn for Tubey with Mustard:

The original pattern has two stripes of color about half way up each sleeve but I'm not confident that I get both to line up on each side since the sleeves are knitted all in one piece like a shrug. The body is then picked up from the middle of the long tube which is open in the center.

So I'm thinking that I'll do the stripes at the edge of the sleeves instead.

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Stacy said...


I think I like the mustard combination instead of the yarrow. In the yarrow, at least from my perspective, doesn't hold it's weight against the other more bold colors in your combination. The mustard is bold, yet it provides enough of a contrast to make a statement. Just my two cents. Happy knitting!