Friday, February 17, 2006

The Same But Different

That is the name of the pattern for a sleeveless top I've started from the Yarn Girl's Beyond the Basics book.

The recommend yarn in Berroco's Cotton Twist but I couldn't find a colorway that I liked at my local yarn store. Well, I did find a colorway I liked but they didn't have enough for the top.

That is one of the most frustrating things about going to a yarn shop. They have tons and tons of wonderful yarn in all textures and colors imaginable, but hardly enough of one type to do much more then knit a scarf. Often I'm told that they can order me some of the yarn. But heck I can do that myself on the Internet and usually pay less per skein than at the LYS.

But I did find enough Berroco Soft Twist in a lovely deep forest green colorway to do the top. It is a wool/rayon blend whereas the Cotton Twist is a cotton/rayon blend. But Soft Twist is the same gauge as the Cotton Twist so I bought it.

I'm changing up the pattern a little. First, I'm going to do the top knitted in the round instead of knitting the front and the back and seaming them. I hate seaming! And this way I only have to seam at the shoulders. Second, I'm knitting the bottom part of the top where there is an eyelet design in two separate pieces and starting the round knitting after about 20 rows. I've continued one eyelet up the side of each piece. The part of the top will not be seamed and will be less constricting then knitting the whole top in the round. I need more room at the bottom of the top then I need at the waist and bust. Because, you know, I'm a hippy kinda gal!

I've nearly got the front portion of the bottom eyelet section done. My goal is to finish that and start the back one next with the hopes that I'll get them connected this weekend. Then I can mindlessly knit in the round for awhile until I have to do arm and shoulder shaping.

It is a three day weekend, thanks to President's day on Monday. So I hope to make a lot progress on this.

Of course, I also want to work on the Knitting News Cast website. I have a new design for it that I've already posted but there are several more sections I want to add including reviews of the knitting books, websites, blogs, and yarn I have included in my past podcasts.

So it will be a busy but knitting kinda weekend.

And we get the RV on Sunday!!! Yeah!

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Faith said...

Episode 6 was great!

Modifying a sweater to knit in the round is key. I just saw where someone knit the Lace Leaf Pullover in the round. Makes me want to mod something too!

Do you think that substituting a wool blend for a cotton one might make your sleeveless sweater a little warm? Just a thought. I started a short-sleeved "t-shirt" in wool once before realizing that. Mine was pure wool, so it was a definite no-go. =)