Friday, February 10, 2006

Sweater Complete

Last night I finished my raglan top down sweater that I was knitting in Lion Brands Homespun yarn. It is purple green yarn that feels really nice.

I bought the yarn about 4 years ago and apparently it is much nicer then the Homespun that Lion Brands is producing now. I didn't have any problems with yarn scrounging up at all.

Today I am wearing the sweater. It is supposed to get cold later today so this might be the only opportunity to wear it until later this year.

I'll post a picture of it tomorrow after I get home and get a picture taken of it.

Now I have to decide what to work on next. I had started the Tubey sweater but I'm not sure if I'll work on that right now since I won't finish it in time to wear it this year.

So I'm thinking of knitting some tops for spring/summer out of cotton/rayon/silk. I picked up the Yarn Girls' Beyond The Basics book the other day and they had some really cute sleeveless tops and tank tops.

Berreco is sending me some Ultra yarn as a sample to review for my podcast. If I like it, I may purchase enough to make a top.

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