Sunday, March 11, 2007

Meet The Bloggers

I went to the monthly Sunday morning brunch at Hill Country Weavers this morning. It was a special SXSW Meet The Bloggers event. Since SXSW Interactive is going on there are several knitting podcasters and bloggers in town.

Jenny from Stash and Burner and Christine from Pointy Sticks were the two other podcasters there besides myself. Jenny has just started her podcast and I haven't listened to it yet. Will have download it and take a listen. Staci who blogs at Very Pink and is a sometimes guest on Pointy Sticks was also there.

Bloggers included Caro from Split Yarn, Julia from Yarn Maven, Cyndi from Crafts By Cyndilou, and Kristin from Yarn & Order.

Suzanne, the owner of Hill Country Weavers, Jo from Dallas, Glenda, who was in my sweater class a couple of years ago, and Judy were also there. Harold (Jenny's husband(?boyfriend?) from Six Apart also came along as well as some other people who's name or card I didn't get.

I had a great time hanging out, eating kolaches, and knitting. And it was great meeting knitters who have listened to my podcast. Now I must get another episode out!


Cyndilou :) said...

The videos are up now on my blog - they show as still processing right now on YouTube so it may be later this evening that they show up.

It was great to meet you!

Harold said...
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Harold said...

yay! it was an awesome meetup and it was wonderful to meet some many accomplished bloggers and knitters all in one place. it was kind of overwhelming! (and, yes, i'm jenny's husband. three+ years.)