Friday, March 23, 2007

My New Job

Beauty Riche - Online Skin Care and Make Up - World's FinestI don't think that I posted about quiting my job at the end of December. Well I did. And at the time I wasn't sure how it was going to work out since I didn't have another job lined up.

I wanted to take a month or so off to figure out what was next. After over a year of driving into Austin from Marble Falls which is about an hour each way (if I'm lucky), I was worn out. The project I was on was at a stand still and I was pretty bored, so I decided to make the move.

I figured I could work more on my podcast, write more knitting articles, and get more stuff up on the website like the wrist warmer pattern generator and free knitting pattern directory. And I did get a podcast out in January. And I did get a lot done on the website in January. But by the end of January, I was a little stir crazy being at home all the time. However, I wasn't ready to make that commute again.

So I took on a little temp job that has turned into a programming contract with a local online cosmetic and skin care company. They have two websites, and They sell at the higher end of the market (can you say $65 for eye cream... but honestly I've been using some samples of the Teamine, and I really love it!!!).

I've learned a whole lot about skin care and mineral makeup just listening to my boss/client and her employee, Christine, take orders on the phone. And of course, I've been reading about the products. Who knew that higher price makeup and skin care can really be better then the lower price stuff I've been buying? I do love my Mary Kay though! And I can afford their products. But I do get a discount on my purchases at Beauty Riche.... There goes all my money (must save for yarn, must save for yarn, must save for yarn!!!)

Anyway, during February, I was working in the mornings at Beauty Riche and in the afternoons I was running into Austin to do mystery shops (I had set these up before I took the job/contract). So I didn't get anything done hardly on the Knitting News Cast site, no podcast and no articles!

But that is changing now. I've cut back on the mystery shopping this month and plan on doing even less or any next month, so I won't have to go into Austin much, though I will probably go in at least once every week or so. I'm working 30 hours a week at Beauty Riche. And between that and no long commute, I'll have more time for knitting and my websites.

I have started a beauty blog to keep track of all the stuff I'm learning. It is called Beauty For Geeks, because I am a computer geek after all! And of course, the more I learn about skin care and makeup, the more I want to learn and try out. I've started reading some great beauty blogs too.

Knitting, blogging, podcasting, surfing, and beauty/skin care.... What is a girl to do?!?!