Sunday, March 04, 2007

Finaly! A FO

 I finally finshed the tank top I started last year from The Yarn Girls Too, Beyond The Basics book. I started it over a year ago and got frustrated with the yarn choice and having to rip it out and redo the bottom. So I put it aside in one of my knitting bags. Well, it is starting to warm up again and although I have another UFO cardigan project, I thought I'd knit a tank and finish the cardigan in October when it gets cold again. I don't want a big pile of wool sitting in my lap this summer!

I didn't remember how far I had gotten with the tank top. I figured I would just rip the whole thing out and start over. But when I pulled it out of the bag, all but the finishing for the neckline and armholes needed to be done. Plus a ton of ends to weave in. That must have been what did me in. All those ends. So I spent an hour sewing them in and the afternoon knitting the neckline and armholes.

And Yeah! It is done. It needs to be blocked but then I can wear it. And you know, I actually like the yarn now. It feels cool. And of course, I love the color.

I'm going to make a short sleeve top from the book next. I really like all the patterns in the book. They are basic patterns that you can do a lot with. I could use only that book for the rest of my knitting life and never run out of patterns to use. I like it that much!

But of course, I do like other knitting books. I have a ton of them. And I just got a preview of Amy Singer's latest book which I'm going to review soon on the Knitting News Cast.

But last night I was looking on Knit Picks at the cotton yarns. When I'm in Austin on Monday I think I'll go by Hill Country Weavers and see if there is a yarn there that speaks to me.

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Judy said...

Hi Rhonda, it was great meeting you at Hill Country Weavers today. I can't wait to listen to your podcast, my first!