Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Market Bag

Last night I was adding the few balls of yarn I brought with me from Texas to my stash on Ravelry when I ran across the pattern for Saturday Market Bag.

I have some Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton yarn and I was wondering what other people had made out of it. There were a lot of dishclothes but there were also several of these bags.

I'm just through the first pattern repeat. Several of the people who made the bag knit it in the round and one person posted about changing the straps to a set of two shorter ones rather then on long one.

So I've cast on 70 stitches to knit in the round rather then 47 for each side. I didn't do 90 because I don't want a bag as wide as the original. I'll probably make mine shorter too. And I'm going with the two shorter straps rather then the one long one.

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