Sunday, January 06, 2008

Earflap Hat For Amy

I started working on an Earflap Hat for Amy on the airplane trip down to California today. She said she wanted a Jayne Hat (for Jayne Cobb on FireFly) but when I showed her the pattern she said she wanted it in blue. Well, what's a Jayne hat if it isn't orange, red, and yellow?

So no Jayne hat for Amy. But I am knitting her an earflap hat instead. This one is from the Fall/Winter 2005 issue of Knit Scene. And it is available for free, as a pdf.

I found the pattern through the niffy pattern feature in Ravelry.

I was going to bring my socks that I'm knitting on the plane but I was worried I wouldn't be able to knit them. It is a little much working two socks on two cables at the same time. I need a little bit more room then an airplane seat can accommodate.

This is knitting up quick so I should have it done by the time I get home and I can surprise Amy. She keeps asking me when I'm going to knit her something every time I cast on something for me. I'm feeling a little guilty. Especially, every time she tells me her ears are cold (hint, hint). :)

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