Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My "New" Art Room and Office

When we moved from Texas I really parred down on my knitting and art/craft supplies. I actually wish I had a picture of all the stuff I had crammed in my art room/office. But luckily an embarrassing picture like that does not exist!

I sold or gave away a lot of what I had especially my paper craft stuff like paper, embellishments, and rubber stamps. I also sold a lot of my craft books.

Since I work at home, I am using the downstairs family room for my office and art room. This is the pitiful state it was in:

And this is my newly "remodeled" room:

Isn't this so much nicer?!? I still need some art for the walls to help spice up the ugly grey walls. I'd also like to get a small card table for the center of the art room side.

The book shelf is from IKEA and I'm using it a room divider too. I debated on getting the 5X5 vs. the 4X4. But since we will be moving in the next year or two and don't know what size room and where the windows on the walls will be, I went with the 4X4.

It now holds all my knitting books and baskets full of yarn. I love looking at it from my desk while I'm working!

Thanks to my brother, Brian, for contributing to my art room fund!


emicat said...

w0w, that art room looks GREAT! I'm so jealous :)

I so wish I had at least a 2nd bedroom that can be a craft room, but alas, I live in a 1 bdrm :(

Someday, someday...

Kay said...

Your office looks great. The gray will be a nice background for any artwork you display. For sure, I know how good it feels to get your workspace organized. See my workspace here: