Sunday, August 03, 2008

F is Fiber (and Forty Something)

Friday was my birthday which I spent working which was followed by a lovely dinner with my family at Chinook's. I've been in Seattle for 11 months now and I had yet to have been to a seafood resturaunt other then Spuds on Alki. So I decided that was what I wanted to have dinner. My brother was a sport and payed for the whole meal even though for his birthday we went to some cheap hole in the wall place. He picked it though! The food at Chinook's was great and it was nice seeing the boats docked at Fishermen's Terminal and the ducks floating around. Plus I scored a couple of gift cards, one from Barnes and Nobles. Can you say "knitting books"?!? Mom got me a Kohl's card so I'll be getting some much needed new clothes!

Saturday, I met up with Charity and Ialuixh for a yarn store trip to Hilltop East in Bellevue. We had a great time. I didn't end up buying anything because Charity gave me a wonderful birthday present of Cascade 220 in blue, enough for a sweater. She wrapped it up in some lovely blue plaid fabric that has a silver thread running through it that you can't see in the pictures. It is very pretty and I'm already thinking of ways to use it.




Today was another day at the beach at Alki and lunch with friends. Overall, a great birthday weekend.

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Carrie said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Once things calm down here (it's been a crazy summer), we'll have to have some celebratory meat pies!