Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Swell Yarn Shop "Opps" Duet Sock Yarn

I have the lucky privilege to belong to a knitting group started by an awesome hand-dyer, Angela of A Swell Yarn Shop. I recently joined her Lucky Lurkers Club, a monthly yarn club featuring her famous and (soon-to-be-more famous) Duet Sock Yarn. My welcome package comes in August and that is followed by 3 months of yarn goodness. Can't wait.

The great thing about Angi's yarn is that she provides one skein for the main part of a sock along with another smaller skein for the heels and toes. They are always great color combinations.

Last night she brought another batch of her "Opps" yarn. I put it in quotes because her "Opps" yarns seem anything but. I have several skeins in my stash already but I was able to add two more sets of Duets with these:

Original Duet Sock Yarn, Chocolate Fantasy:


Original Duet Sock Yarn, Panjandrum:


I'm thinking of making a small bag with one set and some flip-top mittens with the other. For now, I'll just be admiring them while I work on other projects.


Christine said...

Oh, I agree -- those don't look like an oops at all! I especially love the top one!

Angela said...

Aaahhh, your so kind!!! Welcome to the Lucky Lurker Club!!!