Sunday, December 11, 2005

Strap Saved

I was able to cut the strap apart on the bag I knitted for Amy for Yule. I then used a 3 needle bind-off to knitting it back together. It isn't as nice as I had hoped but I think I was better off doing it before the felting process rather then after.

I felted the bag in a pillow case with towels. Big mistake!!! The pillow case opened and lots of lint from the towels got embedded on the bag. I spent 30 minutes pulling the lint off. Ugh! I got most of it but there is still some that needs to come off.

I've got the bag hiding in my office on the floor behind some boxes under my art table so it can dry. I stuffed it with some plastic bags to give it some shape. The strap kinda rolls in. I did it in stocknette. (Note to self: strap probably should have been done in garter). I'm going to try to steam iron it flat once it is dry.

Overall, I'm pleased with the bag. The two purples I chose worked well together. I think Amy will like it. And she'll be able to hold her knitting or whatever in it.

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