Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thawing Out

Yeah! The sun came out and the tempature is above freezing at 33 degrees. I went outside and got under the house to check the pipes and I didn't see any cracking or dripping.

And the cold water is now flowing to all the faucets in the house!!! Good thing because tonight it is supposed to be clear and down into the teens.

Have gotten through sewing the back of Amy's bag to the strap/gusset. Listened to all the episode of Cast-on except the Halloween episode. That one is finally downloaded to my computer so I'll be listening to it this afternoon while I finish up the front of Amy's bag and after I do some chores.

Pachelbel and I walked up to the front gate to check the mail and get the community newspaper. I'm hoping to find a knitting group that meets regularly to knit out here in Marble Falls. I enjoy the SNB group in Austin but don't always want to stay so late in town when I have to work the next day. If I can't find one here, I just might start one myself. I'll have to check with the local coffee house to see if we can gather there.

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