Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Not Ripping! Yeah!

Or at least not all the way!

I went to my local Stitch and Bitch group that meets at Book People on North Lamar on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday in Austin, Texas last night. I took some yarn samples that a few yarn companies sent me and my sleeveless top.

I knitted up swatches of the sample yarns to see how they knit up so I can review them on my next podcast on Sunday. I got some feedback on the yarns from the other knitters in the group that will be invaluable to my reviews.

But anyway... I also took the sleeveless top and right before I was leaving I pulled it out to get opinions on whether I should rip it out or not. Of course, they were as distress as I was about ripping out all the stocknette I had already done!

Becky and Claire both had suggestions. Becky suggested that I pick up stitches on the bottom to make the border longer to see if that helped with the rolling. And she also suggested turning the border under itself halfway. Those were good suggestions but I'm not sure I could do either skillfully.

Then Claire suggested that I put in a lifeline in a row of stitches, cut of the bottom, knit some more stockenette top-down and redo the border for a few more rows. I love this idea especially since I feel like I started the arm hole before I should have and the top would be too short. Now I can add more length, fix the rolling and not have to rip out the whole thing!!! Yeah!

Oh and if anyone has the January issue of Creative Knitting, Becky is looking for a copy because she want to do the Cross-hatch Hat pattern that is the match for a free online cross-hatch scarf she did.

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Lori H said...

Rhonda, I'm glad you were able to save this project. I would have never thought of that idea. Love your podcast -- keep them coming. I do alot of driving and it helps keep me sane on the roads!