Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Double Cable Scarf

I finished this scarf over the weekend:

It is a Double Cable Scarf from One Skein: 30 Quick Projects To Knit and Crochet by Leigh Radford.

I did a review of the book and the yarn I used, Blue Sky Organic cotton on episode 9 of the Knitting News Cast.

This was my first attempt at cables. It was much easier then I thought. For this particular pattern you only twist the stitch on every 6th row. I did find it a little difficult to pick up and knit the stitches from the cable needle. I think this is because cotton yarn can be kinda stiff.

I'd like to try this pattern again with a worsted weight merino wool, maybe with silk in it. That would make it really soft and warm, perfect for winter. And I would use a solid color. I used a tweedy looking yarn and although you can see the cables in real life (unlike the picture), I think a solid yarn would let them show up better.

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Jal J said...

Pretty scarf! I've made two guernsey baby dresses from a Debbie Bliss pattern using cotton and I find it easier to place the cable stitches back onto the needle from the cable needle. I don't knit with any particular style (I'd call it the "get it done" method) or very quickly anyway, so the extra step doesn't add much time to my knitting.