Sunday, March 05, 2006

To Frog or Not To Frog

I've got a WIP that I think I just might frog all the way out. It is the "The Same...But Different" sleeveless top from the Yarn Girls' Beyond the Basics book.

It is a really cute pattern with an eyelet bottom border. However, my eyelets are rolling. I used a needle size one size to big, the size used in the rest of the pattern. And I split it up the side for a few inches.

So the roll is pretty significant. I kept telling myself that it would block out, but I'm just not sure.

And now I realize that I've started the arm hole too early. Why is it that you can measure and measure and measure and think you've got the right length, in my case 16 inches. And then after you've worked a few more inches and you check to see if you are close to the top, you realize that your original measurement was wrong? And that the top will be shorter then expected?

It is very frustrating. But if I keep knitting in hopes that all this will correct itself then I'll just end up with a garment I just won't wear. But having to frog the whole this is a bit disconcerting too.

And I'm not sure I like how the fabric is knitting up either. I can see a difference between where I was knitting in the round and where I started knitting back and forth for the arm hole.

Plus, I can't explain exactly what is happening but the stitches seem bigger in some areas and not in others. Like they poof out more.

I'm using Berroco's Soft Twist which is a wool and rayon blend. I love the drape and feel of the fabric, put I'm just not sure I like the how the stitches look.

So overall, I'm dissatisfied with the garment.

Drat! That means I should probably just frog the whole thing and start again. Maybe I just need to take a break from it and start on a different project.


Jeanie said...

What a disappointment. You sound like you already know what you should do. It's painful I know. BUT, here's a frogging tip that I sort of invented. If you think you want to re-knit the sweater again, (and have enough yarn to do this) leave the knitted piece alone -- just set if off to the side without frogging it. Then grab another set of needles and another skein of yarn and re-start the sweater keeping in mind how much you like the yarn and the pattern and how proud you are of yourself for not settling for sub-standard work. Knit like crazy until you get to the same point that you're at on your original piece. Once you get to the same point or beyond with the second version, go back to your first version and start to frog. You'll be surprised how much easier it is to frog something once you've already got the replacement in the works than if you frog right away. Or maybe I'm just weird ;-)

Also, it sounds like a lot of the unevenness of the stitches will fix themselves during blocking so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Good luck!

Jeanie said...

Oh, and you may want to do a little "quickie" project in between setting your current version and starting the new version to give yourself a little break.

Bonnie said...

Oh dear. I feel for you! It sounds like it's not just the rolling bottom edge that's a problem, but the yarn itself. It sounds like you don't really like how this yarn knits up. So if you just redo the bottom--does that really solve the problem? Because if you don't like how the yarn looks, you will probably never wear the top.

Maybe the yarn is really intended for another project in your future! Why not put it aside and do something fun and quick from One Skein? I am looking forward to hearing your review of that book.

Rhonda said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and tips. I'm still knitting on the top and I'm liking it better now that it is behaving!!