Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cableology I Class

I took a cable callas today from Jennifer Hagan of Figheadh Yarns at the Yarn Stash today. It was a lot of fun and I feel a little bit more confident about cable knitting.

Jennifer had a very informative hand-out on the definition, history, and classification of cable knitting. It has great information on reading charts and a cable stitch glossary which spells out what different kind of cables like C4F mean. I know I'll be referring to it often!

As part of the class we started on a Cableology I Headband. I've got the first of 3 sections about 1/2 way knit. There are several noticeable mistakes but it is a class project so I shouldn't expect to perfect! I'm using Cascade 220 in White so the picture doesn't show the cables very well.

Jennifer had on a beautiful zippered cabled cardigan that she just finished the pattern for. It is called Sarah. It has 3 different kinds of cables on it. I'm think I might not make the same collar. I might make it as a hoodie or just a simple collar like the icord edges she uses on the rest of the pattern. But that is one I'll have to graduate up to when I get better with cables!

While I was at the Yarn Stash, I also bought some Superwash Cascade 220 so that I can make a Hoodie Scarf. It has both right and left cross cables. It shouldn't be too hard now that I have a little bit more experience knitting cables.

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