Thursday, November 08, 2007

Can You Say Blue?

I must be able to because it seem like most of the projects I have posted on Ravelry are blue! Case in point, this Dark Country Blue Wickedly Foolish Cardigan.

It doesn't help that I'm using the same yarn that I used to knit my Transistion Sweater!

I do like how this is coming out except that the button bands seem to roll a little bit. Not sure blocking is going to help. But I read today of someone using some kind of fabric tape to help with rolling on a cardigan they did. I may have to look into that.

Tomorrow, I'm going with Charity and Ialiuxh to Oregon to spend the night at the B&B where Blue Moon Fibers is having their destaching sale on Saturday. Should be a lot of fun! (I will have restraint, I will have restraint, I will have restraint... Yeah, right!)


Ialiuxh said...

Psst... it's Ialiuxh at

emicat said...

*envy envy* You guys will have to bring your newly acquired purchases to knit nite, as I'd love to see what you all came back with :)