Monday, December 31, 2007

New Niddy Noddy

I bought a Niddy Noddy yesterday at Acorn Street Yarn. I got it to straighten out my unraveled yarn. Despite hanging my yarn after I washed it and putting full Diet Dr Pepper cans at the bottom to weigh them down, I still had curly yarn.

Ialiuxh put some of my yarn that I brought to the dye party a couple of weeks ago on her niddy noddy, sprayed it with water, and then let it dry. Wah la! Nice straight yarn.

Now I have a lot of unraveled yarn, at least 2 men's XL sweaters worth, so I'm not sure I'll be doing this with all of it. But I figured, I could start on it and over time end up with it all straightened. I may try it on my swift too, but I'm worried it will ruin the cloth straps.

The reason I was even near Acorn Street Yarn yesterday is that Amy and I went over to University Village to go to the Mac store. Amy's iPod's headphone jack is broke. We had to wait 3 1/2 hours, so to kill time we had lunch, went Storabable where I got some great baskets for my new Ikea bookcase, and hung out at Barnes and Nobles where I bought a blank writing journal and art journal. We still had an hour to kill so using our new GPS and my uploaded list of yarn stores, we headed over to Weaving Works because the lady at Seattle Yarn told me they would most likely have a Niddy Noddy (something others in my knitting group told me too). But they were closed. Boo hoo!

So we headed back towards University Village and drove up to Acorn. The ladies there guessed that Amy wasn't a knitter when she plopped down on a chair and started reading her e-mail!

I looked around but didn't buy any yarn, just the niddy noddy.

Oh, and at the Mac store, they told us they don't repair iPods. This is after they lost our 4:30 appointment. Now, couldn't they have told us that when we told them we needed the iPod looked at because of the head jack at 1 pm? Let's just say that Amy was so mad she gave herself a headache! Poor thing.

Afterwards we drove down to Tacoma and went to the Point Defiance zoo to see the Zoolights. The women in charge of all the lights is a fan of Amy's Xenacast podcast and gave us free admission. Isn't that sweet!

The lights were awesome and so beautiful. Plus the aquarium was open so we got to see sharks too.

And by the time we were through, Amy's headache was gone.


Carrie said...

I HATE the Mac store system--that whole "make an appointment to ask a question" is ridiculous.

Rhonda said...

Yeah, the whole things has left us thinking we don't want to buy another Apple thing again. And I had been thinking about an iPhone. But if they can't repair and iPod, then I doubt they can fix an iPhone. Who wants that?