Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simple, Mindless Pattern, Please

I haven't really be able to knit the last week or so. I just can't really concentrate. I did finish the sleeves on my Mr Greenjean cardigan, but I'm not pleased with them at all. They are too tight and because I don't have the knitting two socks/sleeves/tube with 1 long circular down, there are puffy sleeve areas that I don't like.

I may unravel them. But not now. I have to much unraveling in my life right now.

I'm also working on a Japanese Cable Vest for a KAL on Ravelry, but it requires concentration I don't have right now.

I sound pitiful, huh? I hate that.

I've watched the video, read the manual, and read all kinds of forum posts about my Ultimate Sweater Machine but have yet to pull it out of the box. I'd like to do that this weekend. Looks like I need to get some weight for the side edge stitches so that they don't come off. I may get some fishing lures and attach them to earring wires which I have a ton of.

I looked through my queue on Ravelry today for a project I could take to knit night that doesn't require much concentration. But I didn't find anything there besides scarves and I really don't want to make any of those.

So if you have any ideas of a simple project that doesn't require much concentration that would give me a sense of accomplishment when I'm done, I'd love some suggestions.


emicat said...

How about some plain ol' stockinette socks? No pattern, just knit knit knit

Hope to see you at knit nite tonight!

Raven said...

I know what you mean about difficult knitting and lack of concentration. My Japanese vest is neglected at the moment because I simply cannot focus on it. Hopefully this knitting focus thing will pass with the eclipse tonight.

How about some simple socks (like emicat suggested) or ones with 2x2 rib from the cuff down to the heal, then stst? Or perhaps some arm warmers?

Suna said...

Here is a sock I made with very a simple slip stitch pattern that made the yarn look nice. Of course, I will have to look up what that pattern was. I am not good at thinking up stuff myself, since my personal issue (jobless), too, has got me all mentally frazzled and unable to concentrate.

I am thinking of you!

Rhonda said...

The socks have it. I started a swatch last night to check my guage. I'm using Essential from Knit Picks.

Thanks to everyone for your support!