Friday, February 01, 2008

Yarn Fix

Last night, I got to touch a lot of yummy yarn at A New Yarn in North Seattle. My friend Ilauixh just started working there and they needed volunteers to do inventory.

I got to count the Cascade 220 they have. I just love that yarn. I wanted to buy some because they sell it for around $6.50 which is the least expensive I've seen in all of Seattle. I also got to count some sock yarn and the new bamboo needles they just got in.

A New Yarn is a non-profit yarn store that supports Northwest Family which is working to end domestic violence.

A New Yarn sells new yarn, books, and knitting notions as well as donated ones. I actually took some left over balls of skeins with me to donate.

We only inventoried the new yarn and books but I had a good time looking through some old knitting books and patterns from the 60's, 70's, and 80's that people donated.

Charity and I are planning on going on Saturday to sit and knit at the store. Maybe I'll buy my Cascade 220 then!

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