Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beautiful Day

I made sure to get out of the house today. It was bright and sunny. The mountains were out as they say here. I could see both Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Mountains.

I took Pachebel with me and I think I wore her out. First, we went to Lincoln Park. I wanted to walk by the water. The Vashon Ferry is near there.

There were two different Easter egg hunts going on. All the kids looked so cute with their Easter baskets.

Then we drove over to Alki Beach so I could have some fish and chips at Spuds while Pachebel stayed in the car.

I then took her walking at the park there that runs along the waterway. At one point you can see the Space Needle with the mountains behind it. Beautiful.

I wish I had taken my camera but I forgot it at home. While I was sitting on a bench admiring the snow capped Olympic mountains, I wondered why I love taking pictures so much. I usually don't do much with them except put them on my hard drive and occasionally post on the Internet. And then I realized that it makes me really focus and appreciate what I'm looking at.

So as I sat there, I pretended I was taking pictures of the mountains and the water in my head so that I'd remember what a beautiful day it was.

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Carry said...

I just LOVE Lincoln Park!!! Sounds like you had a lovely day. :)