Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mini Yarn Crawl Day Trip

Today I did a mini yarn crawl hitting Yarn Garden in Gig Harbor, Amanda's Art and Fibers in Poulsbo, and Churchmouse Yarn in Bainbridge Island. I tried to do Wild and Wooly in Poulsbo but they were closed.

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I started out about 9am this morning and got home around 5:30pm. I took Pachebel (my dog) and Natasha (my GPS). Here's Pachebel ready for the adventure in the back seat:

Our first stop was at Narrows Park which is on the Gig Harbor side of the Narrows Bridge.

Then it was off to the Yarn Garden in Gig Harbor where I picked up some seaming pins and blocking pins plus this great little reference guide the store put together. It is called My Little Knitting Book: A Quick Reference. It has a chart with Knitting Needle Conversion, a place to keep track of your knitting needle and croceht hook inventory, a how-to on the kitchner stitch, a chart showing foot length vs shoe size, a yardage estimaor for a sweater for different ages and sizes, and pictures of actual sizes of different weight yarns. This is going in my purse and will come in great use on future yarn store adventures!

I also got this great button for my Mr Greenjeans cardigan:

I was really torn about buying it because it was a $5 button. $5 for a button! Geez! But I spent so much time and effort on my cardigan it deserves a special button.

While in Gig Harbor, Pachebel and I took a walk along the water front. I love seeing the boats at the marina:

After I ate lunch we drove to Poulsbo. I walked down the main street and hit Amanda's Art and Fibers. It is easy to pass this yarn store because it is on the second floor and there is just the door to the stairs up. I didn't end up buying anything there or in Poulsbo at all since Wild and Wooly was closed.

The last stop was Churchmouse Yarns in Bainbridge Island. I really like this shop. The staff are very helpful but not pushy and they have a great selection of yarn. I picked up some Noro Kureyon for a vest that turns into a bag from Knit Tricks. I'm going to use the Kureyon for the side panels.

On the way home we took the ferry. Mt Ranier was out above the clouds:

Doesn't that look cool?

Now, I'm beat and I'm going to heat up a pizza, pop in a DVD from Netflix called Notes on a Scandal which was recommend by Vickie Howell for all the knitware in it, and knit.

P.S. Thanks Angi for suggesting I go do things I may not have done before. Picking up on the spur of the moment and driving around is something I used to do but got out of the habit doing because someone who won't be name never wanted to get up early (meaning before noon).


Liberty's Yarn said...

WOW - great pictures! That sounds like a wonderful trip! And I love your button too. I may 'borrow' your trip plan one of thes weekends. Thank you for the inspiration.

emicat said...

I really need to make a trip out to Churchmouse as I've yet to go there.

Sounds like you had fun and it's good to see you're doing things that you want to do :)

PS I love that you have a name for your gps too :)