Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't Shop On Bainbridge Island

I know this sounds pretty harsh and I'm not sure I'll stick to this myself for very long because I love Churchmouse Yarns, but for now I'm boycotting.

Bainbridge Island is a cute little town just across from Seattle by ferry, an expensive ferry. Its downtown has a bunch of cute little shops and resturaunts. I've been 3 times (yesterday included) since I moved to Seattle in September. I was even there last week spending my money on yarn at Chruchmouse Yarns.

So why am I boycotting? Well, yesterday two of my friends and I took the ferry (cost $44 roundtrip) to Bainbridge Island to go to Churchmouse Yarns which has an excellent reputation for being a great yarn store. It is one of my favorite yarn stores.

We spent about an hour in the store. I bought some Noro yarn last week when I was there, so I'm set for yarn (although they do have a nice selection of Malabrigo worsted and a pattern book I almost bought but I'm over my yarn budget for the month). However, both my friends bought yarn. Between the two I'd say they spent $60 or $70.

After buying yarn at Churchmouse Yarns we walked on the main road looking at the shops. We went into this great fabric store, Esters Fabrics, and then decided to go have lunch at Isla Bonita which is a mexican food place (not bad but I'm from Texas and I'm yet to have great Mexican food up here). We spent about $32 for lunch for the 3 of us.

Then we walked back to the car to drive back to the ferry to go back to Seattle. And there was a parking ticket on the car! We had exceeded the 2 hour time limit they have for parking. 2 hours?!? WTF.

Well, I think this is ridiculous. There is no way if you are taking a leisurely walk and stopping in several stores where you make purchases and then have lunch or dinner that you could do that in 2 hours! I would think the city of Bainbridge Island would want you stay there spending your money for as long as you want to instead of running you off after 2 hours.

The ticket was $20 which isn't a lot. I'm sure there are signs that state the 2 hour limit. But I've been 3 times and never noticed them. So I can't say how far apart they are. But IMHO if they are going to have such a ridiculously short time to park they should have better signage so that one would actually notice it.

In my 3 trips there I have never seen a whole lot of people strolling the street and I always wondered about that. Yesterday, when we were at Churchmouse there was at most 4 or 5 people in the shop and I thought this was strange because it is such a great shop.

Well, maybe other people have gotten tickets for parking too long and they don't want to make the trip over on principle too. I don't know. I just know that it will be awhile before I head over there myself, which is sad because did I mention, I LOVE Churchmouse Yarns.


Carrie said...

Seriously, parking tickets on a Sunday? That's crazy!!!

Rhonda said...

Good point! I hadn't even thought about the whole Sunday thing. Even more crazy!

Raven said...

Stupid parking tickets. At least it wasn't very much, but still, they need better signage.

At least there was yarn to keep you happy.

kit said...

Rhonda, thanks for your kind words about Churchmouse Yarns & Teas--it means a lot to us. I’m so sorry you had a bad experience with parking. It’s a problem we struggle with here. The policies were originally set to help keep downtown clear of ferry parkers so shoppers could find a spot. It’s a fine balance—one we clearly have not struck! Our Downtown Association is working with the City to find a solution. Letters like yours help. We hope you’ll give us another try. Please call or email—I’d love to chat.
Kit (owner, Churchmouse Yarns & Teas)

Debbie said...

Lisa and I had a similar trip last year, took the ferry over and went to Churchmouse, then we had lunch at the mexican restaurant. We walked onto the ferry so luckily we didn't run into your parking nightmare. Honestly, 2 hours seems like a pretty short duration.