Sunday, May 18, 2008

LYS Tour Details


This weekend was the annual LYS Tour in the Seattle area. There were 24 stores in the tour (out of about 55 in the area). Each store had a daily drawing, a free one skein pattern, and a 10% discount on the yarn used for the free pattern.

I made it to 13 of the stores. I had no expectations of doing all 24. So I didn't feel rushed like some people I've read about on Ravelry.

I didn't buy yarn for all the free patterns. A couple of stores had projects that use $30+ skeins which I think is ridiculous. The stores that used $5 - $10 skeins were my favorites but I did buy some Malibrigo at Knot Just Yarn because I really like their pattern for a felted drawstring bag and who can say no to 10% discount on Malibrigo!?!

Below are the stores, patterns, and yarns. The yarns with a star * are yarns I purchased.

Thursday: 2 stores - I had to work on Thursday so I took a long lunch and went to
The Yarn Stash In Burien (pattern: Lariat with flowers, yarn: Urban Silk*).


After work, I went to Seattle Knitting Co(pattern: Knit Baseball, yarn: Lion Brand Organic Cotton*).

Friday: 6 stores - I took the afternoon off and hit 3 stores in Seattle plus 3 outlying stores. They were: Tricoter Knitting(pattern: Diamond Lace Scarf w/Ruffle Edge, yarn: Filatura Di Corsa (at $30, I did not buy this)), Acorn Street Shop (pattern: Felted Sprint Bag, yarn: Alpine 14 ply wool), Weaving Works (pattern: Crochet Dish Towel, yarn: Southwest Trading Company "Bamboo"), Hilltop Yarn East in Bellevue (pattern: Tulip Lace Shawl, yarn: Alpaca With a Twist), Renaissance Yarns in Kent (pattern: Trellis Lace WashCloth, yarn: Sublime Organic Cotton*), and The Knittery in Renton(pattern: Cable Round Bag, yarn: Cascade 220*)

Saturday: I picked up Charity and Ialiuxh and we drove up to Bellingham and did a total of 6 of the north stores: J&J Needle Arts(pattern, Water Bottle Bag, yarn: Noro Kureyon*)


and NW Handspun(pattern: Fixation Hat, yarn: Cascade Fixation) in Bellinghham, Ana-Cross Stitch in Anacortes (pattern: Fluffy Stole, yarn: Bulky Handsupn Yarn (another $30 skein..pass), Knot Just Yarn in Burlington(pattern: Felted Drawstring Bag, yarn Malabrigo*),


and Wild Fibers in Mount Vernon (pattern: Laura's Floppy Beanie, yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed (They also had their 2007 pattern for a Fixation Headband, yarn: Cascade Fixation*).

In addition to the yarns I purchased for the one skein projects I also bought some sale yarn at Hilltop East. They had Lambs Pride Worsted on sale 1/2 price. I bought 8 skeins. I plan on making a felted bag.

At NW Handspun I bought a skein of Blue Heron Yarns Rayon/Metallic in Raspberry. I think I'm going to make a shawl with this but I'm going to look on Ravelry for other ideas too.


At Ana's Cross Stitch I purchased 6 balls of Debbie Bliss SoHo at 30% off.

Also, while we were in Bellingham we went to Farmers' Market and I purchased a skein of Spincycle Yarns BFL Wool and a pattern for some cable armwarmers. The colorway is called Ursus Horribilis in honor of the grizzly bears. 10% of the price of the yarn went to a grizzly bear protection organization.


The fourth day of the tour was today (Sunday) but I didn't go to any more of the stores. I think 3 days of yarn store shopping is enough!

I had a blast and now I have enough yarn for one skein knitting projects to keep me busy until next year!


emicat said...

wow, looks like you scored some good stuff!

Perhaps you can bring them to knit night this week so I can see your new stuff? :)

I haven't gone in the past two weeks, but plan to be there this week!

Knitting in the Rain said...

I'll be (way) late because I have a board meeting, but would love to see your haul as well. Lisa & I managed to hit quite a few places on Saturday, with most of the damage (for me) at Village Yarn & Tea. Fleece Artist roving... (sigh)