Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pride 2008 Snatchel WIP

A friend invited me to go to Pride in Olympia in a couple of weeks. And since Pride in Seattle is the following week, I thought I'd knit up a special bag, the Snatchel. I'll let you go read the description. Come back here when you are done!

Isn't that great! Such a hoot!

Anyway, the ladies at The Yarn Stash in Burien thought so. They were so helpful in getting me the right color of red for the main parts of the bag. A woman was in the store knitting who daily gets a look at the real thing everyday as her job as a nurse. So she let me know which color to use for the upper inner part. :)


Look at the lovely black yarn that Beth gave me while I was there. The yarn smells like lavender and will make a great addition to the bag... I'll let you guess which part! ;)

Right now I'm to the V-word part of the bag. I hope to have the rest of the main part of the bag done this weekend. I'm not looking forward to the miles and miles of I-cord for the handles but it will be good TV and knit night knitting.

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Suna said...

Totally hilarious, and a great way to be Pride-ful, on top of that. Probably not a good work knitting bag for me, considering how poorly I fit in at my last job.

Can't wait to see the finished product.