Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beach, Sun... No Yarn

I got to enjoy a couple of days of the sun while I was down in California on business. I stayed in Ventura at a hotel on the beach. I had a really nice view of the beach, water, and pier next to the hotel. In the mornings, before work, three of the women I work with and I went walking on the boardwalk along the water. It was great way to start the day!

I wasn't able to go to the yarn store in Ventura though. They were closed both Sunday when we got in and yesterday after I was done working. Today we had to go see a client on the way to the airport in Burbank so I didn't make it there today either. :(

I did suggest that my boss drop me off at the yarn store in Burbank just 2 miles down the road from the airport since we had time to kill before our flight. I told him he could pick me up after he went shopping at Fry's. However, he didn't go for it so I ended up sitting in the airport reading a book. (why don't they sell knitting magazines at airports!?!)

I finished my first Los Monos Loco sock while I was in California but I didn't feel like starting the second one. Tomorrow is knit night so I'll probably start it then. For now, I'm pooped and I'm off to bed.

ETA: I wore my Josephine Top and it looked fabulous!

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Paula said...

I think the more important question is "Why the hell don't they sell yarn in airports?"