Saturday, June 14, 2008

WWKIP Day at Olympic Sculpture Park In Seattle

Today was World-Wide Knit In Public day which was celebrated by knitters (and spinners and crocheters) all around the world. I took part in a gathering by the Capitol Hill Knitters at Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle in the Belltown part of town.

The sculpture park has some very interesting sculptures. I didn't walk around to see them all and need to go back when I have time to appreciate (or at least look at) them. Apparently, these large traffic cones are new as several of the women remarked that they hadn't been there before.

There was probably a total of 50 or so knitters who attended over the 4 hours I was there with 30 to 40 at one time. It started off grey and overcast but I wearing layers (see I do listen to you Ialiuxh!) so as the sun came out and it got warmer I was able to adjust accordingly. First the coat went and then the sweater and I was left just wearing my Josephine Top.

I think I may have gotten a little bit of sun on my face despite the sunscreen! I did get another 3 repeats done on my Los Manos Loco socks. All and all a great day!
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