Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Susie Hoodie Swatch


I'm waiting to start my Ravelmpics project until next week, so I thought I do some swatches for the Susie Hoodie from Big Girl Knits to check gauge and practice the cable braid. It took me 6 tries before I actually figured out how to read the chart to get it right.

Reading charts still stump me. It seems that there should be some kind of standard. Row 1 should always be the RS if you ask me. And it should be read from right to left. And Row 2 should always be the WS and be read from left to right. But not this pattern and it took me all those tries to figure it out. Ugh!

But I hung in there and I finally got the swatch knit correctly! Yipee! The picture is two repeats. The braid is the band along the opening of the cardigan and goes up and around the hoodie. I've seen lovely, lovely, lovely FOs of it on Ravelry. I want my own!

I plan on casting on today or tomorrow. This will be an at-home project since I need to concentrate on getting the braid right, especially since each row has over 200 stitches. That is a lot to frog especially if you don't realize your mistake for several rows!

Here's what I aspire to knit:

Wish me luck, cause me and cables have a history... a not so good one, right Silver Belle?


Lupie said...

I saw you were starting your sweater on Ravelry and came to your blog. I found the same problem with the chart as far as 1st and 2nd rows also going from left to right. After frogging 3 times, my fault because I didn't try cable first, found I had to go right to left all rows. I'm almost done with the second sleeve and a little nervous about Yoke. Good luck!

emicat said...

I think that's going to look great with that blue you chose. I'm throwing around the idea of joining the Ravelympics too, but just don't know what I'd knit, especially at the rate I'm knitting my (bad) monkeys! :)

We'll have to do sushi and knit nite again - that was fun!