Friday, May 05, 2006

The Two Hour Swatch

Last night I started on the interlac scarf/wrap from the Encyclopedia of Knitting. It uses Nori Silk Garden Yarn and takes advantage of the color changes in the yarn.

The suggested gauge for the pattern was 30 stitches over 10 inches in the interlac pattern. The pattern starts with three triangles and then you do another triangle, two squares, and then another triangle.

That took me about two hours sitting in front of the TV watching CSI and Without a Trace last night. I used a size 6 needle instead of the recommended 8 because I usually have to go down in size. That made the first end.

It did measure about 10 inches. But I'm not happy with the width of that. I think I want a wider wrap. The pattern calls for 4 skeins of Nori Silk Garden yarn but I bought 5. I could either add a couple more triangle across or I could go up in needle size.

At first I was thinking I'd go up in needle size to the size 8. I'm worried that will throw off the color changes though. So it might be better to add more triangles and thus more squares. The 68 inch length seem like it will be longer then I would like.

So if I make it wider and have more yarn. I should get something I like better. Something that is wider and shorter.

Of course, I'll have to undue the knitting I did last night. But that is okay. I'd rather have something I like instead of something I don't and won't use.

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