Sunday, June 18, 2006


 I've started working on my next project, a cardigan sweater. I'm designing it with the help of The Sweater Workshop book. I used their worksheet to figure out how may stitches to cast on. The book also show me how to work a slip stitch edge and how to do the button holes.

I'm using Andean Silk yarn from Knit Picks. It is 55% Alpaca, 23% Silk, and 22% Merino Wool. It is so soft and a dream to knit with. The color scheme is based on the Tubey sweater pattern from the winter issue of

I had originally bought the yarn to do the Tubey, but decided I'd rather have a cardigan instead of the body hugging sweater.

I'm almost to the arm holes and then I'll need to decide how I want to do the sleeves and the yoke area. I'm not sure how it will look as a ragalan with the stripes going around the yoke but not the sleeves. I could do a drop sleeve instead. That might make the stripes work out better. The book shows how to do both. Posted by Picasa

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