Saturday, June 10, 2006

Second Sock Done - Pair Complete

Just finished my second sock. Now the pair is now complete! I worked on the second sock today on World Wide Knit In Public Day.

I had several errands to run this morning. I had to get my oil changed and get a set of new tires put on my car. So I took my knitting with me and worked on my sock while I waited.

I didn't get to finish the sock until I came home this evening because I didn't have the pattern with me and I couldn't remember what I needed to do for the decreases at the toe.

I like how this socks turned out. But the toe on both don't seem tight enough. You can see my toes through them and I'm worried that they will go right through. I either need to knit tigher or find some way to reinforce the toe.

I think I see a future of socks which I swear I thought would never happen. I just didn't get the appeal of knitting socks. But they knit up quick and they are fun to do.

And I also now understand why sock yarn is sold in balls only big enough for one ball. I always thought it was the yarn companies trying to get more money out of you by selling you two balls. But the yarn I used, Lion Brand Magic Stripes, has a ball big enough for two socks. The problem is that you don't know when half the ball is done. So you don't know if you have knitted too much or too little on the first sock. I could have knitted more on the first sock and made the pair a little bit longer. Now I have sock yarn left over that isn't enough for much of anything.

So with one ball for each sock you know when you need to stop on the firsth sock and you also know that you have enough yarn to knit the second sock with out running out of yarn. Posted by Picasa

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