Sunday, July 23, 2006

Double Cable Scarf

Here is another double cable scarf I made from One Skein by Leigh Radford. This one is done with Cascade Yarns Pima Silk Yarn in Pink - Color Number 6915. I used only one skein so it is rather short. Will make a great tuck in scarf to wear during October during breast cancer awareness month.
I really like the way that cables look. They are a little twitchy though with the cotton yarn. Knitting the stitches that are held on the cable needle is a little hard. I've tried both knitting off the cable needle as well as moving the stitches back onto the left-hand needle. I like knitting off the cable needle best.

I'm hoping that with a less stiff yarn it will be easier. Not that this yarn is stiff. It is really soft. I was surprised since before knitting with pima cotton yarn all I had used was Peaches and Cream which is scratchy.
Close up of cables. Pink and cables. My new favorite! Posted by Picasa


nancy said...

Hi Rhonda! Just finished listening to episode 16 and had to check out your web page/blog. I love the cabled scarf! I will certainly add the Cascade yarn to my WIP's list.
I actually am wondering about the secret pal knitting group you spoke about on the do I get involved?

Rhonda said...

Glad you like scarf. It is a fun knit!

You can sign up for the secret pal exchange by going to the website at:

sandy said...

Do you have the pattern posted for your scarf? I'd love to make one.

Rhonda said...

The pattern is from the book, One Skein. There a lot of great patterns in there. I highly recommend it.

Sandra said...

One Skein by Leigh Radburg