Sunday, July 30, 2006

South West Trading Company Basic Shell

I have about 1/2 of the front side done of the South West Trading Company test knit I’m doing. I have already used one ball of the three balls that Kat sent and I’m hoping it is enough. Of course the top half won't take as much yarn as the bottom have due to shaping. So the third ball may be all I need. Kat did say to let her know if I need another ball.

I'm having a great time knitting the shell up. The drape of the Phoenix Soy Silk yarn is wonderful. I wish I were making the shell in a size I could wear and that I was getting to keep it. I will have to use this yarn again and make myself a tank/shell. And out of this colorway because it is just beautiful.

I have to have the shell knit up by the end of August and sent off to SWTC so that they can have it for an upcoming show. I do like the idea that something I've knit will be seen by lots of people. Posted by Picasa

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