Monday, July 24, 2006

Test Knit - Phoenix 100% Soy Silk Yarn and Pattern Received

Today I received the package from South West Trading Company for the test knit I am doing. Inside was a pattern for a Soysilk V-Neck Shell designed by Annette Casoglos. The yarn that they sent is Phoenix 100% Soy Silk Yarn.
Phoenix is a tube style yarn that lays flat like ribbon yarn. Isn't this a beautiful colorway? It is color number 99.
Here is the swatch I knitted up. Doesn't it look great? It has great stitch definition and is easy to knit with. I was worried I'd have a hard time knitting with it because I had read where other knitters using tape or ribbon style yarns kept spliting the yarn. I have not had that problem at all even when I poke the yarn in the middle while knitting.

I did have to go down two needle sizes to get the guage the pattern calls for so I guess I'm a loose knitter. The fabric feels soft and cool. I think this shell is going to be a dream and should knit up quickly. Posted by Picasa

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