Thursday, August 02, 2007

Marble Falls Knitting Group

Another knitter, Susan, and I have started a knitting group in Marble Falls. It is every Saturday from 10am to noon at Java Bean on Highway 281 North.

We each work on our knitting or crochet projects, chat and drink coffee. It is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.

Map to Java Bean

I really enjoyed going to knitting groups in Austin when I lived and worked there. But I've been working in Marble Falls for the last 6 months and haven't been able to get to them.

There is a yarn store in Burnet called the Artisan (map). But their knitting groups meet during the day during the week so that doesn't work out for me.

So if you are in the Marble Falls, Texas area and want to come knit with us. Please do! Leave a comment if you'd like more information.


Suna said...

I'll try to take a break from teaching knitting in Cedar Park one Saturday morning and get my friend and I up there for a road trip! We've been meaning to visit the shop there for months, anyway.

I love Marble Falls and have friends near there, too. Lots of "characters" around there.

We do miss you in Austin. I enjoyed the time I met you at Bluebonnet.

Rhonda said...

That would be great! We are just starting out so the group is small. We'd love to have some other knitters with us!

Bev said...

I live in Buchanan Dam and am a member of the yahoo group Lonestarstateknitters. I'd love to meet up with a local group of knitters! Hope I can make it next Saturday.