Thursday, April 24, 2008

Annie Modesitt's Lecture At Abundant Yarn

Last night I drove into Portland for some knitting classes with Annie Modesitt today and tomorrow. I drove in a night earlier to see Annie Modesitt at Abundant Yarn give a lecture called Knit with Courage, Life with Hope. She spoke about her husband's battle with terminal cancer and how knitting has helped her get through the last year. It was touching at times and nearly brought tears my eyes.

Annie also talked some about being a knitting designer. Did you know that knitting magazines pay designers nearly the same amount that they did back in 1986? 1986!!!

That is ridiculous. The publishers, photographers, stylists, and editors are making more money then they did back in 1986? Why do the designers, who's designs are the book and the magazines, get paid so little? Ridiculous.

And almost as ridiculous is the fact that the editors who edit the books, 9 out of 10 times, aren't even knitters. They change patterns and take things out without any knitting knowledge or consent of the designer. And sometimes the pictures in the books have the items upside down, or inside out because that is how the photographer or stylist wants to do it, never mind the knitter who wants to make the item and wonders why the pattern doesn't mesh with the photo.

I've always wondered how a designer could create a poorly written pattern and it make it through the editting process. Now it seems that it is the opposite. They spend weeks, months, getting the pattern perfect. They have people test knit and tech edit the patterns until they know it is right. And then all the work is shot because some non-knitting editor doesn't like something about it.

So if you are pulished knitting designer, I salute you. And I will never blame you again for an incorrect pattern in a book or magazine again. I know in most cases it isn't your fault. And you deserve a raise!


Carry said...

Jealous! ;) Hope you have fun and make sure to tell us all about it, 'k?

emicat said...

Hmm, interesting tidbits you learned - thanks for sharing them w/ the rest of us.

Look forward to reading more about your class with Annie Modesitt.