Sunday, April 13, 2008

Westport - Friends, Beach & Knitting


I just got home from a wonderful weekend in Westport with Ialuixh and Charity. Ialiuixh had invited Charity and I to go down there while she was visiting her mom. We were blessed with a beautiful, clear and sunny day on Saturday. The sky and the ocean was so blue. It was hard to believe that we were just 2 1/2 hours from Seattle. Of course, today it was overcast again but still nice.

We arrived late on Friday night and had just a little bit of time to talk and knit before we crashed. Early Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast before heading out to the beach. Ialuixh gave us the grand tour starting with a drive through the dock part of town with all the charter boats and little shops.


Then we headed up to Grayland to beach access so we could drive and park on the beach. We spent a couple of hours beach combing. Iaulixh was looking for agate and Charity was looking for beach glass.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular until I found a sand dollar. The first one I found was broken but I picked it up because I figured it was better then nothing. But then I looked around and there was sand dollars all over the place. I picked up at least 40 of them.


Sand dollars on the west coast look slightly different then sand dollars I've found on the Atlantic and on the Gulf of Mexico. These are more round. And bigger. I was so thrilled to find one intact one yet alone so many others. I've never had that luck before.

After the beach we headed to the Yarn and Darn shop in Grayland. It is a small yarn and embroidery thread shop. I picked up a couple of skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca to use for socks. Not that I need any more sock yarn. So I may make a scarf instead.

On the way back to Westport, we stopped at an antique store, probably one of the best looking ones I've been to. They had a lot of stuff I had never seen before like an old time toaster and hand crank record players. But the best find I found there was two Pyrex covered casserole dishes. They match the set of mixing bowls I already have. I'm happy to add them to my collection. I also bought a small Pyrex bowl to make scrambled eggs in.

Ialiuxh and her mom, Barbara, kept us well fed. Ialiuxh did a tofu and vegetable stir fry with brown rice for Saturday lunch and Chicken burritos for dinner which we also had for left over for lunch today before we left.

Saturday night we hung out after dinner and knit and talked. Ialiuxh's mom is a real doll. She was super sweet and hilarious! I really enjoyed spending time with her.

This morning before we left, we went back to the beach for another walk. It was overcast and a little bit cooler today. But it was still great to be out on the beach.

Barbara has invited us back whenever we want to visit. There is a kite festival in July and an Art Festival in August, so we might go to one of those. I'm so happy I live so close to the Pacific ocean and the beach!


Judy said...

Thanks for the blog visit! I was going to ask "how have you been", but now I can see! The photos from Westport are beautiful and the sand dollar is enviable! Wow. I have never been to the northwest, but I'll get there one day. Thanks for the link to the Japanese knitting blog - - I'm going to check out now! Take care.

emicat said...

What beautiful photos! Looks like you gals had a great time and great weather to accompany it :)